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Incense Holders

Incense Holders

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Incense Beehive: Do you sometimes feel exhausted? Like you’ve been working like a worker bee, always buzzing around doing loads of chores? Well even the busiest bees need to find time to relax. This bee-utiful beehive incense burner will help you get some much-needed relaxation.

Incense House: Make your house a home with this tiny incense house. Fills your room with its sandalwood scent as your watch puffs of smoke leave its chimney. Includes 1 incense house, 1 resting dish and 3 incense cones in sandalwood scent.

Incense Mushroom: Transform this mushroom into a Fun-GI by filling it with incense. Enjoy the Sandalwood scent and be transported to another world.

Incense Skull: Scare your friends with this skull incense holder. Light the incense cones to release the sandalwood scent and watch the smoke pour out of the skull’s eyes and nose!


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