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Emergency Kits

Emergency Kits

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Do you need that hipster full beard aesthetic immediately but don't have the time to grow it yourself?!
We've got you.

Are your brows not bushy enough for the occasion and you need to rectify ASAP?
We've got you.

Or, do you ever need to find a disguise at short notice? Maybe having recently broken out of jail, or bumped into an old boyfriend or girlfriend unexpectedly? Well fear not, our Emergency Moustaches can instantly transform you and come in handy sachets which you can keep on you at all times! Each pack contains six styles guaranteed to make you instantly unrecognizable!      

We're going to let you in on a secret that, until now, had only been shared with kindergarten teachers, crafters, and Bonnie Burton: googly eyes make everything better! Our Emergency Googly Eyes come in a beautiful, eye-catching tin filled with twenty pairs of plastic eyes in four different sizes. Just expose their adhesive backs and start sticking them on stuff. A boring bagel becomes your carby comrade. A humdrum hairbrush becomes your sassy sidekick. An uninspired knife becomes Mrs. Cleaver! With all these opportunities inside one portable tin, you'll never be caught without googly eyes again.  

Be prepared for any occasion with our Emergency Teeth, perfect for when you need to obscure your pearly whites with something a bit more gruesome.

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