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Feed the Resistance

Feed the Resistance

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You're being healthy, eating in a more considered manner and, most importantly, you've never felt better. So why is it still so tricky to navigate life as a sugar-free diner? From going out for dinner, to staying in with friends, it can be a challenge to cook, eat and socialize in a world of refined sugar eaters.

How to be Sugar-Free and Keep Your Friends helps you to go about your life without compromises, excuses or apologies. Instead, you'll be armed with over 50 fresh, exciting and globally-inspired recipes, free from any refined sugar, and discover a whole new world of natural sweeteners. Happily cook for yourself, your friends and your family (without hearing any complaints!), and dip into tips, tricks and hacks to learn how to be a better, more easygoing sugar-avoider.

Your options will open up, you'll enjoy a delicious new menu of food, and your friends. well, they'll never have a bad word to say again!

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